Welcome to Doug’s Dogs

Our goal is to make sure your dog has an awesome day, coming home well exercised, relaxed and happy, ready for your return.

Doug’s Dogs specialises in energetic, off lead walks because dogs love to run and have fun. But we also know when a dog needs a calmer pack and environment to avoid anxiety. Our trained, professional walkers deliver a very personal approach, ensuring every dog gets the walk they need.

Throughout walks we pay constant attention to behavioural improvement, using entirely positive reinforcement techniques. With a safety first focus, we ensure that your dog will come home a little bit more focussed, attentive, happy and relaxed.

Based by Victoria Park, East London is our home and we walk dogs from the City to Stratford and everywhere in between.

Now offering daycare & short term boarding.


A Responsible Business

Doug trained in San Francisco with the awesome Pawsitive Tails. Their ‘paws on approach to dog care’ used 100% positive techniques to ensure happier dogs at the end of each day. At Doug’s Dogs we use the same approach, in an urban environment. Doug's also training to be a dog trainer to ensure the highest standards of care for all of our dogs.

Doug’s Dogs adhere's to 'triple bottom line' sustainability: we aim to be SOCIALLY, ENVIRONMENTALLY and ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE :

  • Socially because we have clear social and civic beliefs ensuring we are good citizens and neighbours, with the aim of making London living and working easier, cleaner, safer and fun; we take care of the parks we walk in so that they can be enjoyed by all; we give something back each year to the community we work in (we currently donate to All Dogs Matter); we seek to support young people into the profession, with high quality training (dog walking training, canine first aid courses and more);

  • Environmentally because we've changed our vans to meet the highest emissions standards (EU6) and are aiming to get some of the first mid size electric vans in the future; and we're trying to develop sustainable products for dogs...watch this space;

  • Economically because as a steadily growing, well run, business we can provide high quality, good value services. We can also employ more young people, paying them above the London Living Wage, so that they're able to survive and thrive in the city and ensure owners have a team they can rely on.



Our Team

Founder: Doug Thackway - Doug grew up with dogs and other pets.  One of his earliest memories is climbing into the dog basket with his loving friend, Tarka, a beautiful Border Collie - hey, he was very young !

After university, regular moves, unsociable work hours and city living meant owning a dog was out of the question. Eventually the desire to have a dog became so strong and the need to not be tied to a desk, made him decide that working with dogs was the only solution.  So great friend and Pawsitive Tails founder, Emma Clarke, invited him to San Francisco to train.  After an intensive 5 day a week, month long training, working with daycare and walking, with several business models and all breeds of dog, Doug knew for certain that this was what he wanted to do.

In August 2015, Doug’s Dogs was founded and grows steadily to ensure that a hands on, personal approach to dog care is consistently delivered.  Doug’s also an IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) qualified trainer, which ensures that all our dog's receive the very best support possible.


The Walkers - all walkers are trained, insured, DBS checked and love dogs.  They are currently: Charlie Glynn, Caroline Turner, Ella Morgan, Kim Glynn and Stanley Heath-Stephens.


Our Friends

We’re extremely grateful for all the help, advice and training, or even just “damned fine coffee” we’ve received over time.  Here are a few of the people and places who have made Doug’s Dogs possible or who we just …., well, like:

Friendly Creatures / Lydia Burke - dog training

Hounds of Bow

Short Bark & Beard


Victoria Park, London

Roman Road London


All Dogs Matter

Pack & Clowder


If you’re not on here, it’s not because you don’t matter; it’s just we’re a bit forgetful sometimes and need a nudge from you to add your name to the list ! Go ahead and let us know here.

Doug wants to add a personal note of thanks to his amazingly patient and supportive family !